Monday, August 13, 2007

Route to KSA : Process 8

Now, it's time to make airline tickets reservation..
actually, dah buat dah... masa zaman 'silence' tu... :-)
Fuuuhhhhh... this is the most pening-kepala process... i thought the previous one is tough.. this is more tougher..
Reason: nak dapat tiket saudi airline, teramat la susah nyer... now is peak season, all the Arabs going back home after spending their summer holidays here.. malaysian lak going for umrah.. sekali booking, masuk ke waiting list yg tah ke berapa ratus... that will be very long... tah bila lak boleh masuk senarai..
MAS plak jgn la mimpi... percaya tak 2 adults and 2 children costs us about RM 20K!! Kenapa, tak percaya ker? boleh bankrup oooooo...
Kena la switch to other alternatives, using other airlines... dah try Sri Lankan Airline, agak mahal gak sbb kena transit ke colombo dulu.. ada lak orang kata, jgn guna Sri Lankan sebab whether kat Colombo selalu tak elok, selalu masuk air pocket yang menakutkan... ye ke selalu?
One more option, Emirates airline.. alhamdulillah, masih ada kekosongan on 29/8... harganya lebih murah dan berpatutan...
Insya-allah, we'll be going off to KSA with Emirates Airline on 29/8/2007
any changes will be updated from time to time..

Route to KSA : Process 7

Visa has been approved last week... finally!! punya la susah.. no... no, that was not susah... tapi terlalu banyak birokrasi...
  • letter of meningitis vaccine is supposed to be separated, meaning each family member should have one letter.. even though, I think a photostat copy should be okay with the original letter is there..
  • next issue is bank draft ... we bought the bank draft from a bank in Ipoh.. and the embassy said, must be from bank in KL.. lerrrr... what's the different, just a matter of few days.. cash tak nak plak.. kalau cash, lagi cepat dapat duit tu...
  • do you know that dealing with saudi embassy, morning is for submission, afternoon is only for collection. so, once your application is rejected, you need to wait the next day to re-submit.

Friday, August 10, 2007

.. I'm Back ..

After a few weeks of silence, now I'm back to the virtual world.
Silence for a reason... You know who you are and you know who I am
Last discussion with a blogger friend, I decided not to continue this silence anymore.
I write as I think about something, I display photos as I enjoy taking them..
Memories should remains.. Don't let it go but don't let it stops your future..