Monday, April 28, 2008

Rujukan untuk Convert Lesen Memandu

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ma'asalamah Mama and Abah

Akhirnya, tarikh 23/4/08 datang juga... It's time for my parents to go - back to Malaysia.. They have been here for over 2 months.
Hope they really enjoy their stay here.. Me and family, especially the children do enjoy their presence. Alhamdulillah, we managed to bring them to many places here in KSA, those that you cannot go using the umrah visa..
My parents managed to perform umrah a few times - stayed in Mekah for 2 weeks (1 week each stay)... go to Madinah... having fun with my children.. they even plant some serai, halia and daun bawang.. abah will be the one watering the plants every day and almost every hour.. now, it's getting hotter.. not sure how they will survive...
and for myself, I had my time-off (hehe..).. no need waking up very early in the morning to prepare dishes for lunch for my family.. laundry done.. the best part was able to eat delicious dishes and delicacies...
And now, they are not here anymore ... not just the children, even I can feel the 'emptiness' .. the first day at home without them, it was really hard for me... It was the feeling I had at the airport when I left everybody in Malaysia, 8 months ago.. [tak suka betul perpisahan nih..]
Wednesday 23/4/08, by 2.30pm we leave Yanbu, heading for Jeddah airport.
With 2 big bags, 2 hand luggages, 5 litre of zam-zam water, 1 bag of mine... everything fits in the car. Sadimin's family (he's wearing blue) also followed us to Jeddah..

These are my neighbors saying bye-bye to parents... [from left, Yusof, abah, Sadimin and hubby]

Adik and kakak sempat bermanja dengan opahnya..

Letih.. maklumlah perjalanan tengahari..

Dah sampai King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Tengah memunggah beg-beg yang berat tu .. nasib ada somebody baru tinggalkan troli kat car park tu.. so tak la susah nak mengusung beg-beg...

About 6.00pm they checked-in and that was the last good-bye from us... huhuhu.. so sad... that's why there's not a even a photo in the airport... totally forget about it..
Ma'asalamah and illaliqa' ... till we meet again in two months time.. will be back for 2-months summer holidays..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Weekend in Jeddah with Parents

It's Saturday again.. one week of semester break has past.. it's working time again... A record has been made.. I did not touch my laptop, did not go online and did not even update my blog during the one week of holiday... and yet most of my time, I was at home.. so unbelievable ...

Anyway, the last 3 days of the holiday I went to Jeddah with my family. Main purpose was to pick up my parents after their umrah. Next went to MAS office (in Jamjom Commercial Center) to confirm their tickets going back to Malaysia this coming Wednesday. (hhhmmm.. it's time for them to go home now... 2 months flew very fast...) Finally do some shopping in Balad area for door gifts of a soon-to-be-wedding reception of my cousin..

Me and family arrived at Al-Nahda Hotel, Balad, Jeddah on Wednesday around 5.00 pm... met my parents there.. they have checked-in in the same hotel a day before.. That night had our dinner at my favorite Thai food restaurant.. eating tom yam like anything... hehe..

Next morning, as early as 9.00 am, we started our 'journey' in the searching for Jamjom Commercial Center (JCC), which we know located at Falasteen Street but doesn't know which part of the street... after spending about 1 hour 'touring' the street from one end to another, we finally accidentally found JCC. I use the word 'accident' because we stopped there in the beginning just to ask where it is. Luckily, hubby decided to stop and asked. So straight to MAS office, confirmed their tickets. Their flight will be on Wednesday 23/4/2008.
What, you see 'Carrefour'? Yes, that's right.. Carrefour is now opened in Jeddah... yeeeaayyy.. 1 more shopping place.. used to be our favorite place when we're working in Kelana Jaya 5 years back. We do spend some time at Carrefour - melepaskan rindu - the kids enjoyed themselves, like they always do in any other shopping malls..
Carrefour in English Carrefour in Arabic

JCC is located at the end of Falasteen Road, perpendicular (math term?) to Corniche Road. At night, we can see a very high water fountain, somewhere in the middle of the sea.. I think this is one of Jeddah attraction, as I can see so many people along the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

We even had our lunch by the beach.. bought our food from Carrefour and enjoyed them by the seaside.. The sea breeze was so relaxing, even though it was in the middle of the day..

After Friday prayer, we checked-out from the hotel, had lunch at Bakso Oedin (a famous one with a few branches here in KSA), try find the shopping place (a wholesaler) to buy the door gifts (mentioned earlier in this entry). Unfortunetly, Friday is really a not good day for shopping, as most of the shops are close until after Asar prayer.
End up, no door-gift-shopping for the day.

But instead we had a visit to Historical District. Here are some photos during the sightseeing, which was done from our car only... not really dare to walk around as not foreign faces can be seen anywhere nearby...
Around 6.00 pm, we drove back to Yanbu.. A tiring but enjoyable journey to Jeddah...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yanbu - down and under

4 April 2008 - one more new experience my family and I had in Yanbu. Together with another 37 Malaysian and Singaporean, we went for a cruise trip. The main attraction for this cruise is to enjoy the sea creatures and coral, down the deep sea of Yanbu.
Started journey at 3.00 pm, it took about an hour to reach the destination (the coral area).

The sea was quite rough... a bit 'panic' feeling inside me.. [the secret is because I don't know how to swim.. you know, the naughty feeling - just in case ...] However, it was a beautiful scenery along the way. We can see birds trying to catch fishes..
A few spots where it looks like submerge islands...

Anyway, most of the time, we're enjoying food all the way... drinks are provided by the cruise.. It was really a time off for all of us, no need to think of work and stuff.

Upon arrival at the destination, the captain (wonder how I should address him?) led us to the lower deck of the ship. The body of the lower deck are made of glass, so that we can admire the fishes and corals more.

Fishes with all sort of colors - green, yellow, black are swimming freely here and there. Just like what you can see in Underwater World, Langkawi or Aquaria, KLCC. It was so exciting, so enjoyable.. Anyway, could not stay longer in the lower deck because the longer I was, the more dizziness I felt (at one point, even felt like vomiting). Maybe not enough oxygen down there... :-)
Enjoy these photos.. not so clear - don't know what was the actual reason..

- black fishes

- 'prisoner' fishes (I named it because of the white and black strips)

- the fishes are being fed. Looked like rice to me...

- mermaid? no.. this is one of the cruise staff who dive in the sea to fed the fishes, so that the fishes will surround our ship..

After about 30 min in the lower deck, we started our journey back to the jetty.. This time it was smooth...
- picnic area viewed from the ship

- arrived at jetty safely

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mekah - suatu proses pembangunan

Perjalanan ke Mekah pada bulan Mac yang lalu telah memberi sedikit kejutan pada kami sekeluarga...
Kejutan bermula sebaik kami sampai ke Kota Mekah... Jalan yang biasa kami lalui untuk ke Hotel Safa telah ditutup kepada sebarang kenderaan kecuali beberapa lori. Pada mulanya kami sangkakan ianya ditutup kerana waktu zohor (kelazimannya laluan ke masjidil haram akan ditutup setengah jam sebelum, semasa dan setengah jam selepas setiap waktu solat). Namun, selepas beberapa kali pusing di kawasan yang sama tetap tidak dibenarkan masuk...
Akhirnya kami mengambil keputusan untuk memakirkan (pakir adalah 'parking' -> tak pasti ini perkataan Melayu tapi yang pastinya perkataan Indonesia) kereta di tempat yang agak jauh dan mengambil teksi untuk ke hotel. Barulah kami tahu apa sebabnya jalan ditutup. Rupanya Mekah sekarang dalam proses pembangunan. Khabarnya bangunan sekitar Masjidil Haram akan dirobohkan untuk memberi laluan kepada pembesaran kawasan Masjidil Haram sendiri.
Hotel Safa yang ingin kami tujui masih dibuka. Kata pekerja di situ, kawasan hotel tersebut akan dirobohkan dalam masa 2 bulan. Maknanya dapatlah kami menginap di situ. Tapi agak menakutkan juga; dengan kerja-kerja merobohkan bangunan sekeliling sudah bermula, tanpa ada sekatan atau ciri-ciri keselamatan untuk orang ramai lalu-lalang. [Walk at your own risk]
Ini antara gambar-gambar yang dapat ditangkap... Gambar di waktu malam agak buruk, bateri lemah rasanya..
Kawasan sai'e dalam proses pengubahsuaian

Laluan ke Hotel Safa hanya dibenarkan untuk lori-lori pengangkut barangan - samada barangan milik premis-premis perniagaan atau lori mengangkut kesan-kesan robohan

Lori ini sedang diisi dengan barangan salah sebuah hotel yang bakal dirobohkan. Menariknya, mereka mengambil segala-segalanya, termasuklah besi tempat pemegang alat penghawa dingin.

Jentera-jentera berat yang akan digunakan untuk kerja-kerja meroboh dan membersih sudah siap-sedia menunggu.. [teringat pada anak teruna my best friend; pasti akan teruja melihat jentera-jentera berat yang semuanya dipanggil kapal korek... salah didikan nih.. :-)]

Antara premis yang telah dikosongkan, menunggu masa untuk dirobohkan. Laluan menjadi lengang...

Antara premis yang su
dah dirobohkan. Hanya kelihatan kesan robohan.

Apalah agaknya rupa Mekah sekarang ini (selepas sebulan) dan apalah agaknya rupa Masjidil Haram masa akan datang.. tak sabar nak ke sana lagi...