Wednesday, May 12, 2010

YUC Convocation Ceremony

Yesterday (11/5/2010), another experience gained at my work place. I attended the very first convocation ceremony of Yanbu University College graduates.
There were 2 separate ceremonies - 1 for the male graduates held in the afternoon and another ceremony for female graduates which are held at night.
The event was a totally opposite than what we have in most Malaysian universities. In Malaysia, any convocation ceremony is a really serious and full-of-protocol event. But here, it was a very happy and enjoyable event.
Last night the convocation ceremony started after Maghrib prayer, with the speech of Director General (via video recording of the male event in the afternoon). After some performances (I guess... because everything was in arabic) and montage presentations, the graduates procession started followed by the conferment of scroll. The conferment of scroll was done by the Princess of Madinah. Loud and fast music accompanied the whole event (totally opposite than our Malaysian gamelan-type of music).
It looked like the students really enjoyed the event and celebrate their success as graduates, with their families .
Good luck my dear ex-students - this is the beginning to the journey of your life ...