Saturday, November 30, 2013

Surprise... Surprise...

Seminggu merancang.... Gara-gara nak buat surprise birthday celebration untuk my laling Siti Mastura... Happy Birthday Siti Mastura!!
Terkejut tak? Terkejut tak? hehe... Kena lagi hang noooo... Last year, preparation last minute, dapat kek jek kan... Tahun ni disebabkan 30/11 jatuh hari Sabtu, so idea tu jauh la sket merangkaknya... Hehehe...
Siap pakat dengan your Zaki The Great apa nak dibuat malam ni... Hehehe... Pandai kami simpan rahasiaaaa noooo....
Makanya terhasillah majlis malam ini... Kami rancangkan Zaki bawa hang keluar jalan-jalan sementara kami siapkan celebration di rumah... Tercengang la jugak anak-anak tengok Cik Ejalz memunggah dapuq mama... Hahaha..... Nanti mama yang simpan balik, cik ejal tukang punggah jaaa... Hahaha... Sorryyyyy....
Homemade Chocolate Cake with buttercream frosting - my personal touch for you!!! I really hope you llurrvveeee it!!

Dan beberapa 'party food' turut kusediakan - Stew ayam ala thai dan mushroom soup untuk dimakan bersama garlic bread, chicken-cheese bites, macaroon-tak-menjadi (haha!!) dan apam nasi. Meriah... Meriah.. Makan... Makan... Dan makan... Hingga kebuntat!! Hahaha... Tersandar kekenyangan dan tak boleh tidur malam!!

Paling best melihatkan aksi si birthday girl... Terkejut ke tak terkejut ke... Macam terkejut tapi macam tak terkejut.... Hahaha... Apa taknya, masuk rumah lampu semua terpadam... Bukak lampu, makanan penuh meja tapi orangnya takdak, menyorok semua. Hahaha... Itu idea abang aniq tauu... Tau-tau surpriseeeee!!!
Anyway, to my beloved BFF Siti Mastura, have a blast birthday today and a wonderful years ahead....!! Semoga sentiasa di dalam keredhaan Allah swt hendaknya... Moga hubungan kita sekeluarga akan terus erat selamanya... InsyaAllah.... Love you all!!! ❤️

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bronze Medal in the house...

It might not be a big achievement to others but it was a really HUGE SUCCESS for our not-little-anymore girl Adlina. She has joined her school volleyball team (YIS U-14). And last thursday (28/11/2013) her team 'The Stallion' has won bronze medal in a tournament of 4 teams. With only 3 weeks of practice, it was a success for the team and a personal success for Adlina!!
(actually, mama and abah were surprise that she told us she wanted to go for the try-out... ingatkan lebih berminat dengan tech-thingy jek.. hehe..)
Go stallion go!!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

After a week....

After 1 week of steroid injection...
Inflammation subsided, vision getting better, blurry spot reduced, floaters shrinking... Syukur... Alhamdulillah...
Ophthal has reduced the intake of tablet, continue for another week together with eye-drop. He has also performed eye-pressure test which the result showed that there were no side-effect towards both eyes (after all the medication taken). And I will have another check-up in 1 week time...

As for all the types of test that had been performed on me, Internal medicine doctor confirmed results were negative. Thus, rule-out the possibility of systemic disease or disorder. And case closed with Internal Medicine Clinic (open case for hypertension routine check-up though!!).

InsyaAllah khhaaiirrrrr...
Hanya Allah swt yang maha mengetahui segala-galanya dan sebaik-baik perancang...

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Health info] Bilateral Intermediate Uveitis

Being away from RCMC for quite sometimes, is surely moment to be cherished!!
But recently, I had to start a new 'routine' of visiting RCMC. "Bilateral Intermediate Uveitis", that is what I was diagnosed as! In simple term, I am suffering eye inflammation in both eyes.

Read here ( for more accurate medical explanation. I like this website because it has more 'patient-friendly' explanation!

As for my case, it all started about a month ago when I started seeing small objects floating in eye-vision. Almost in the entire view! It was like I'm looking through a dirty spectacles/glasses!! Very annoying especially in my office room that is not so bright yet not too dull. And computer screen is such a nuisance!
I seek advice from a friend (a doctor in DEMC) and she instructed me to see an ophthalmologist immediately. It was 'floaters' what I'm seeing she said. It can be benign or it can be a sign of more serious eye illnesses.
The first appointment with Ophthalmology Clinic in RCMC was 3 weeks ago. Dr. Ahmed Fouad is the ophthalmologist that attended my case. He explained about the floaters but said it was nothing to worry about. The floaters was produce of vitreous liquefaction. Next appointment in one month time. Anyhow, he reminded me if there's anything else developed, I need to see him immediately.
More explanation about floaters here (

2 weeks later, something else does 'appeared'. My left eye vision gets blurry. At first the blurry vision occurred at some spot that I couldn't identified precisely but later it gets blurry almost half of my left eye vision. Anyway, since it was weekend when it happened, I consulted my 'personal doctor' first. She was determined that floaters is not my only problem because floaters did not make vision blurred. She suspected I have uveitis. She insisted me not to wait for the appointment but rather reschedule to the soonest I can.
Last Sunday (10/11/2013), about 9.30am, I went back to RCMC, insisting for an appointment with my Ophthal. Alhamdulillah, though his slot was full that day, he still accept me as his patient. Together with another 2 ophthalmologists, that was the day when he diagnosed me as having 'bilateral intermediate uveitis'. And my left eye suffered the worst!! He explained that my left eye needs to be treated as fast as possible and the only 'fast' option available is to do injection of steroid directly into my eye!!
(Each of the ophthalmologists did a separate eye-checking procedure before coming to the same conclusion. And the procedure was done after my eye being dilated using 2 different eye-drop medicines, 3 time in 30 minutes.)
He set another appointment in 2 days to perform the treatment. Meanwhile, I need to do some tests to determine the underlying cause to the inflammation.
Tuesday (12/11/2013), 10.00am, it was confirmed that my left eye needs the injection. Minor surgery room was immediately booked.

Nothing much for me to prepare accept to wait for the surgery room and the ophthal availability. A minor surgery room that gave me a major nervous!!

By 11.00am, I was already prepared by the nurse in the surgery room. What a nerve-wrecking situation, laying down on the surgery bed looking at all the equipments surrounding the room, all alone!!! (sorry no photos inside the room as I can only bring myself into it..not even my shoes are allowed.. :))
Around 11.30am the procedure started. Some eye oitment was dropped into my left eye (that made the surrounding of my eye felt numbed) and eye bracket was placed on my eye to prevent blinking. You cannot tell how nervous I am, once I saw the needle coming towards my eye!! Was it pain?? A needle poked into your eye, what do you think?? But it was a bearable pain though and a very quick procedure. By 11.45am, alhamdulillah all done!! My eye was given a temporary patch (only until I reached home).

My left eye will be re-assessed in one week time, and so do my right eye. He will see how my left eye responded to the drug injected and how my right eye responded to tablet taken. Meanwhile, I am referred to a different doctor (from Internal Medicine clinic), to be examined and undergo more tests to rule-out any systemic diaseases or disorders that may trigger the inflammation.

More appointments coming up in one week... hhhmmmm.... InsyaAllah khairrr as Dr. Ahmed said.....

Note 1: thank you very very very much my dear Dr. Aida for the online consultation we had. Without your advice, my eyes condition could be even worst.

Note 2: Dr. Ahmed Fouad is so far the best doctor I have ever met in RCMC. He cares to explain everything a patient needs to know!! Thank you very much!!!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013