Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kids' Ramadhan Activity

Ramadhan is always a challenge for my daughter since she starts fasting (completing the whole month) at 7 years old until now at 9 years old. Between 1 to 3 pm is the most crucial time. If she passed this period, it's a success for her... :)
Suggested by a dear friend, I prepared some activities in order to occupy her time ... When she gets too 'connected' with the activity, she forgets that she is fasting... Here are some activities that I have prepared:

1. Art and craft

Drawing pad, colorful stickers, color pencils, glue etc. for the art attack!! She drew some cards welcoming Ramadhan...

2. Indoor board game

I chose the set that have many different board games so that if she gets bored with one game, she can move to the other one...

3. Outdoor game

This activity might consume her energy... So I just let her play for some time...  Anyway, since she enjoyed the game, she did not complain much. 

4. Story books
She can spend hours reading her favorite story books. 

5. Play dough 
This is related to the art activity. It will let her use her imagination to make whatever she likes with the dough. 

These are among her favorites... However, from time to time there were other activities to 'kill' the time...