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When your only malaysian officemate has left, 2 Saudi geng left for their PhD studies, 1 Saudi friend take one semester leave…. 3 of them are from the same corridor, what is left is…. Update resume and cover letter… Next, search for places to apply in Malaysia specifically Ipoh… 

Officially Graduated

August 1, 2022 Alhamdulilah .. my long journey has eventually comes to an end… I finally received the Senate Letter that conferred my doctor of philosophy. This is the official end to my studies. Alhamdulilah… Alhamdulilah… Thank you for your doa, wishes, celebrations and gifts. It meant a lot to me… May Allah reward us all abundantly… InsyaAllah. 

Sad… Sad.. May

A very sad month of May.  We received shocking news, 4 of our Malaysian friends’ contracts (lecturers) were not renewed. 3 of them received the news about 5 days before Eid.  2 of them are husband and wife, which their family is our family’s friends.    Allahhhh… it was like a time bomb blasted off at the wrong timing.  Eid preparation literally paused. Not only for them but for us too. So many things lingered in our mind … why this sudden news, why before eid, what is the reason, how would the kids feel, etc.  No reason was given, no justification was provided.  They have spent the whole month of May going back and forth the management office seeking for justification. But they were only informed to start the clearance process.  In such a short notice, everything need to be prepared. The clearance process, the work, the kids’ education, the household, so many things need to be done by them. We feel you my friend.  We felt very sad and we are still feeling sad with what had happened. I

I’m finally done…

25/4/2022 is a date to remember. This is the day where I have eventually came to an end for my phd journey. Alhamdulilah the barakah of the last ten days of Ramadhan.  I had my viva-voce very early in the morning; 6.00am Saudi time which is at 11.00am Malaysian time. The session was conducted via zoom platform. 10 persons altogether were on the session; 1 chairperson, 3 examiners, 2 supervisors, 1 representative from Senate, 1 representative from Graduate Studies and 2 admin staff from Graduate Studies.  It went so smoothly… I managed to present fluently (in comparison to mock viva session. haha). And Alhamdulilah thank you Allah for giving me 3 very kind-hearted examiners!! They had the questions but they also had smile on their faces. A calming view for a nervous candidate like me…  After about 1 and a half hour, the session ended. I was moved to a waiting room while the panels discussed my result.  Alhamdulilah….. I had my eyes teary the moment I heard the chairperson said, “Ms Aiza

Simple act

Sharing a story on how a simple act has put a smile on other people’s face.  I was on duty for invigilating exam few days back. I went to the venue a little bit too early, arrived before the other partner. Since I have ample time to arrange the exam papers, I decided to arrange the chairs too. Gave enough distancing between chairs and between rows. Then, I placed the exam papers on the chair’s flip up table. One of the course paper facing-up, and the other facing-down. It will be easier later to identify which course is which.  Once all done, the other partner on duty arrived to the venue. And she came in with a surprised face. “Woowwww… look at that, this is so neat, and look at how the papers arranged. We need to take photo of this and post it everywhere.. ”, she said.  Hahahahaha. I was laughing hard.  I didn’t even realized a simple act I did that day, has made someone else so happy, smiling wide and impressed.