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Simple act

Sharing a story on how a simple act has put a smile on other people’s face.  I was on duty for invigilating exam few days back. I went to the venue a little bit too early, arrived before the other partner. Since I have ample time to arrange the exam papers, I decided to arrange the chairs too. Gave enough distancing between chairs and between rows. Then, I placed the exam papers on the chair’s flip up table. One of the course paper facing-up, and the other facing-down. It will be easier later to identify which course is which.  Once all done, the other partner on duty arrived to the venue. And she came in with a surprised face. “Woowwww… look at that, this is so neat, and look at how the papers arranged. We need to take photo of this and post it everywhere.. ”, she said.  Hahahahaha. I was laughing hard.  I didn’t even realized a simple act I did that day, has made someone else so happy, smiling wide and impressed. 

Medicine out of stock

Still the same illness story…  I am supposed to continue my medication until April 2022. Unfortunately, 13/12/2021 was the last date I had my pills. I had my appointment in RCMC on 14/12/2021, doctor prescribed for more medicine. However, the pharmacist informed me to come back after 1 week as the medicine was not available. So I came back after a week, and the answer is still the same “no medicine”, and this time with a worst remark from the pharmacist "wallahh, I don’t know when the medicine is available". I returned to the doctor and informed her about this and she answered, "what can we do... just try your best". What best way do I have?? It's a controlled medicine, not sold by any pharmacy outside. gggrrrrrrrrr.....   I just do not know what to feel at the moment. Though I don’t like taking medicine, but in the current health situation, with a ‘not-promising-doctor’s-feedback’, skipping the medicine intake is not a good option. I don’t know if things can tu

My PhD Journey

I started my journey in 2014. It was a sudden decision. It was all started with just a casual conversation with my supervisor, not intending to pursue to phd at that moment. But my supervisor encouraged and determined that I should proceed. So I did!!  It went so smooth and quite fast for the first one and half year. I even completed my proposal defence within the first year, masyaAllah… the second year with my candidature defence. It was so surreal.  However, things went slow after that… in fact too slow after I was appointed as the head of department. I lost 2 years of my studies, as I was too focus on the position. It was a mentally exhausting task, that I was not able to put my focus on my studies. Luckily, it was only for 2 years, but to get things back on track, ya allahhh you never know how difficult it was back then.  Very very difficult. I lost my momentum, I lost my confidence, I cannot recall what I have completed, I don’t know where to continue, what to proceed. I even miss

Follow-up yang menyakitkan hati

Setelah sebulan setengah kembali ke Yanbu, baru hari ini dapat appointment dengan doktor internal medicine. Mujur bekalan ubat memang banyak dibawa dari Malaysia. Appointment dengan doktor ni adalah referral dari ophthalmologist. Dengan doktor mata, takde slot sekali pun boleh pergi tunjuk muka di klinik dia, nurse cuba sedaya-upaya untuk mendapatkan slot extra secepat mungkin. hehe.. betapa muka ini dah dikenali di sana... :) Anyway, menunggu itu bukanlah yang menyakitkan sangat. Almaklum, musim-musim pendemik ni, kita pun faham kesibukan hospital.  Tapi yang terpaling menyakitkan hati nurani ni adalah layanan doktornya… ewahh.. ewahhh.. nak garang-garang, nak eksen sangat tu dah kenapa…. Nak bising-bising doktor mata tak tulis apa-apa dalam sistem, bukan salah patient wehhh.. Dah dibagi surat referal dari Malaysia, tak nak dibaca… sebuk nak jugak dari doktor sini yang tak tulih apa-apa tu. Penat-penat kuusung segala report dari Malaysia, satu pun ko tak nak tengok… bila tak dapat hu

Penyakit yang tak sakit tapi menyakitkan .....

Luahan rasa related to the recent illness.... tak sakit tapi tetap menyakitkan... It was never been easy to take 22 pills a day for 2 weeks. 10 of them has to be taken before breakfast and the remaining after. Being someone yang nak habiskan sebiji panadol pun sangat susah.... inikan pulak 22 biji yang pelbagai saiz, bentuk dan warna.  Bayangkan betapa susahnya hati ni nak habiskan kesemua ubat itu.... bayangkan betapa lamanya perlu kutenung ubat-ubat itu sebelum dapat dihabiskan.... bayangkan berapa banyak air yang diperlukan supaya dapat menelan kesemua ubat-ubat itu. Alhamdulillah dalam kepayahan, tiada yang terbuang.....  Dos ubat dikurangkan selepas 2 minggu. dan selepas itu dikurangkan setiap minggu. makanya bilangan pil juga turut berkurang setiap minggu. Sehingga hari post ini ditulis, bilangan pil sudah berkurang ke 8 sahaja.    Belum lagi masuk cerita side effect yang memang dah dijangka oleh doktor.... ada physical side-effect ada juga yang internal effect.... and obviously